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Essential Updates – Building Regulations: Part L & F

The Part L & F consultation closed on February 7th. The consultation (which only applies to new build dwellings) is part of the government’s drive towards the Future Homes Standard and sets a roadmap towards bringing in the standard in 2025, including revisions to the Part L and F standards which are proposed to be implemented in 2020. The most likely outcomes will be:

  1. The mixture of CO2 Emission targets and primary energy use targets will promote electric heat pump boilers linked to wet radiator/underfloor heating system as the most advantageous heating system for new houses and flats.  Electric panel heaters, electric immersion heaters, gas and oil boilers are all likely to need some PV panels to meet the revised targets.
  2. There will be the familiar Improvements in minimum U-Value (thermal insulation) standards, Improving minimum efficiencies for heating, cooling, hot water, ventilation and lighting systems, and an uplift in the minimum standards for building’s energy performance.
  3. The following specification for typical new build dwellings has been suggested:
  • Typically triple glazing to all windows and doors.
  • Improved U-values to walls, floors and roof:
    • Roof  – 0.11 W/m².k
    • Windows – 0.80 W/m².k
    • Floor – 0.11 W/m².k
  • Air leakage – 5 m3 (h.m²) @ 50 Pa
  • Wastewater heat recovery or PV with mains gas boiler; or
  • Electric heat pump boiler with no renewables
  1. There will be a higher percentage of new dwellings that require air pressure testing at completion plus more checks and reports required on new dwellings during construction to try and reduce the performance gap between design performance and the real-life experience of end-users.
  2. Early/mid-2020 Publication of new Part L, Part F and overheating regulations, associated guidance and a supporting analysed consultation response document. Mid/late 2020 Part L, Part F and overheating regulations come into force.
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