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Breedon Priory Health Club

Nottingham Regional Manager Andrew Hill on achieving long term Fire Safety compliance.

Andy Hill

Andrew Hill

The scheme was a challenging project with fire safety following BS 9999* rather than traditional Approved Document B route to compliance. This allowed for increased travel and a single staircase which saved valuable space for the client. Whilst some layout planning did need changes to ensure a protected escape route and reduction of the travel distance from the initial design, compliance was achieved without adding an additional stair and without substantial redrawing/design work.

Using BS 9999 relies not only on compensatory safety features but also transitions between the physical construction to the ongoing way the building is used, through the ‘Management levels’ requirements of BS 9999. Communicating the importance of this element of design to the Architect was constantly in my thought process throughout the scheme; it is important that the end user is aware of the management levels required when using the building to ensure that compliance is achieved long term in the way the building is designed. BS 9999 considers the management of the building life cycle and, whilst the designer and Building Control providers can strategise the constructional measures of a project, this document relies on client contact to gain the information.

The communication and team work on this project has resulted in a fantastic building which stands in the fabulous surroundings of Breedon Priory.

*(BSI Standards Publications BS 9999:(2017).

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